Two Hearted Ale Patio Umbrella

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So what if your fridge is only stocked with relish and Two Hearted®. What’s a hot dog without finely diced pickles and what’s a barbecue without quality craft beer? A total snooze fest, that’s what. Become the lifelong life of the party with the Best Beer in America served chilled beneath this signature Two Hearted Ale Patio Umbrella. Celebrate good times, come on! (Btw, you’re out of milk, bread, eggs, caviar, ham salad … pretty much everything except our beer and an expired jar of relish.)

UV & Weather resistant fabric will last for years if cared for properly (i.e. don't leave outside all winter, close when not in use)

Colors may experience some fading over time in intense sun.

7' wooden pole and ribs/stretchers with a molded poly runner and metal fittings are high-quality, making folding & unfolding easy.

7' wide when opened. Minor assembly required.