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If you are outside of the Great Lakes Region we highly recommend FedEx Express shipping. This is a perishable product and WE CAN NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR YEAST ARRIVING WARM DUE TO NON EXPEDITED SHIPPING.

At last!! Originating in the labs at Bell's Brewery and coming to you thanks to Imperial Organic Yeast, this is the very same house yeast we use in the vast majority of our ales. Looking to brew a clone of Two Hearted, Oberon, or Hopslam? Look no further. Looking for a new option for just about any style ale? Look no further. 

Our house yeast will produce a high quality ale of just about any style you can think of. We use it in all our IPAs, pale ales, blonde ales, stouts, porters, amber beers, barleywines, you name it, as long as it isn't a Belgian beer, it's likely this yeast. Use a lower fermentation temperature to subdue the esters or let them out at higher temps. Think of this as an American yeast with a nice ester profile. 

Temp: 65-72F, 16-22C // Flocculation: Medium // Attenuation: 76-82%

Certified Organic Brewing Yeast Info & More:

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All of our yeast is stored cold and rotated properly to ensure you get the freshest, most active yeast possible.  Your order with liquid yeast may be delayed or altered, or split-shipped due to weather conditions, especially during the hot summer months.  We may delay shipment to avoid sitting over the weekend or holidays and will contact you if there are any special circumstances.  

We include an ice pack and insulated mailer to keep your yeast order as cold as possible during shipment. Depending on your location and ambient temperature - you can add additional packs to your order here. Or even better, you can insulate your yeast with an insulated shipper here.

We recommend purchasing a proper cold-pack to keep your yeast order as cold as possible during shipment. Remember, we can replace a vile of yeast if needed, however, we cannot replace an entire batch of beer so we recommend shipping with an ice pack and proofing your yeast before pitching. Instructions on making a yeast starter are included with your liquid yeast purchase.