Two Hearted Ale Kong® Cooler 25 Quart

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You could keep scads of yogurts perfectly chill in this Two Hearted® KONG cooler, but why would you want to do that? Unless you’re a soccer mom or dad, then having a lot of chilled yogurt on hand might be The Thing. Especially if you show up with this heavy-duty, American-made cooler with the awesome Two Hearted colors and graphics. (All the other rents would totally fist pound you.) Anyway, outside of all the Yoplait®, this badass cooler will corral 18 12-oz Two Hearteds and 12.5 pounds of ice.

CAPACITY (half ice, half beverages):
• 18 12-oz cans and 12.5 lbs ice

• 13.625” x 11.25” x 9.5”

• 21.5" x 17.25" x 14.375"

• Included