Seneca Village Woven Patch

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Released exclusively with our next beer in our Celebration Series, Seneca Village Black IPA.

This is the 6th release in the Bell’s Celebration Series – a series of beers that celebrates and recognizes groups within the Bell’s family that help make us who we are. Seneca Village is a special release celebrating Black and African American employees, specially brewed and crafted by a committee of Bell’s employees. 

Woven Patch available while supplies last!

As with all of our Celebration Series releases, Bell's is making a donation to organizations that support similar causes. For Seneca Village, we're making a donations to Mothers of Hope and Black Wall Street Kalamazoo, two organizations that work to uplift Black and African Americans and their families in our community.


Note: Unlike the full-sized version, the globe does not detach from the bone tap handle.