Oberon Ale Hammock - Lake Scene

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Hang this Oberon® Ale Hammock between a couple trees—whether you’re in the U.P. or your own backyard—and take a looong lazy nap. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just finished chopping wood or binge-watching Stranger Things. This high-quality GrandTrunk® parachute nylon hammock featuring the 2019 Oberon Lake Scene artwork is calling your name. “George. George. Georgie Boy.” See, we told you. Nighty-night, sleep tight, don’t let the Demogorgon bite.

Hammock includes - 

  • Attached Stuff Sack
  • Nautical Grade Carabiners (1 on each end, + one on bag)
  • Starter Hanging Kit
  • Rated to 400 lbs capacity
  • 10'6" x 4'8"

No stand included.