Oberon Ale Temporary Tattoo

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Las Vegas. Spring break. Sometime after 3 a.m. Impulsive trip to tattoo parlor for ink of INSERT NAME OF SOUL MATE YOU JUST MET PLAYING CRAPS on your forearm. Or maybe your left calf, with a butterfly. With our Bell’s® Temporary Tattoos, the only thing you’ll regret is not buying them all. Available in several of our distinguished brands, they’re painless to apply—and effortless to remove.

1. Skin should be clean & free of oils & makeup.
2. Remove clear, protective top sheet.
3. Press tattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin with design facing down.
4. Hold wet cloth against back of tattoo, press down and make sure to wet it thoroughly.
5. Wait 30 seconds (don't hurry). Peel off paper backing.
6. Gently rinse image with water for best effect.

To Remove: Saturate tattoo with household rubbing alcohol or baby oil; wait 10 seconds, then rub away tattoo with cotton ball. OR Lift tattoo from dry skin using several pieces of transparent household tape.

Dimensions: 2x2x0.1