Oberon Ale Outdoor Thermometer

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Our large and definitely in charge Oberon® Ale Outdoor Thermometer will help you gauge the temperature, winter, Oberon, Oberon or fall. Do you have a chronic case of the blues or the blahs or the cabin fever fits? This lovely thermometer will warm your soul and drench your day in sunshine, even if it’s cold AF outside. It will also cheer up your patio, backyard, garage or cantankerous neighbor all summer long.

Large 15" outdoor thermometer will help you remember the only season that really matters, Oberon season!

Features a +120 degree to -50 degree fahrenheit thermometer with 2 designations: Drink Oberon and Dream Oberon. Bright orange designs with the Oberon Ale Logo would look great next to flower pots or bring a bit of sunshine to an otherwise dreary winter day.