Lalvin QA23 Active Wine Yeast - 5 g

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae bayanus 

Lalvin QA23 is a specially selected dry active yeast that is used for the fermentation of fresh, fruity white wine. Particularly suitable grape varieties are Muscat, Muller-Thurgau, Gutedel and Savignon Blanc. 

Lalvin QA23 shows an advantageous fermentation curve with high final degree of fermentation. Wild yeasts and undesirable bacteria are suppressed. It does not generate undesirable fermentation by-products such as SO2, H2S, acetaldehyde, pyruvate, ketoglutaric acid, volatile acid or ester.

Lalvin QA23 can produce up to 14% alcohol by volume. The practical alcohol yield is approximately 47% of the sugar to be fermented. For each kg of sugar fermented, approx. 546kJ of heat is released.


Dry yeast can be refrigerated or frozen for greater stability during long term storage. 
Allow cold yeast packages to reach room temperature then rehydrate as directed for use.


 Dissolve the dry yeast in 50 mL (2 oz) of warm NOT HOT water (40°- 43°C /104°-109°F). 
Let stand 15 minutes without stirring, then stir well to suspend all the yeast. 
Add to previously sulfited must. 
(The yeast should not be kept in the rehydration medium longer than recommended.)