Official Clone Inspired Homebrewing Extract Ingredient Kit

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This Hazy IPA is double dry-hopped (a combination of Mosaic, Citra, Azacca, Amarillo and El Dorado hops) resulting in complex peach, stone fruit and tropical notes with a dry finish and balanced bitterness.

Find the recipe here!

And the instructions here!

Kit includes:

- (6#) Briess Bavarian Wheat Dry Malt Extract

- (1#) Flaked Oats

- (1#) Pilsner Malt

- (1oz) Amarillo Hops (Flameout)

- (1oz) Mosaic Hops (Flameout)

- (0.5oz) El Dorado Hops (Flameout)

- (0.5oz) Azacca Hops (Flameout)

- (1oz) Mosaic Hops (1st Dry Hop)

- (0.5oz) El Dorado Hops (1st Dry Hop)

- (1oz) Citra Hops (2nd Dry Hop)

- (1oz) Amarillo Hops (2nd Dry Hop)

- (0.5oz) Azacca Hops (2nd Dry Hop)

- (5oz) Priming Sugar 

- (1) Grain Sock

- (1) Brewing instructions

- (1) Brew Log

- (1) Yeast culture information sheet

- This kit does NOT include yeast. We recommend:

Imperial Yeast A62 Bell's House Yeast


· 5 Gallon Brew Pot (or larger)

· 6.5 Gallon Fermenter w/lid

· Hydrometer

· Heat Source

· Thermometer

· No Rinse Sanitizer (Star San)

· Long Spoon or Paddle

· Cleanser

· Air-lock