Bottles - 500mL Brown PET - Case of 24

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Pressure-rated and re-usable PET bottles for your home brewing needs.  PET bottles have advantages and disadvantages over glass bottles - advantages include much lighter weight (especially shipping weight!) and being able to take your home brew to places where glass isn't allowed (like the beach).  Also capping is a breeze as the re-usable caps (not included) are screw-on and do not require any special equipment to put on.  You can also tell how your bottle conditioning is coming along by squeezing the sides.  Disadvantages include increased gas permeability meaning that your beer won't keep as well as it would in glass over long periods of time.  Also while these bottles are definitely re-usable, they will not last as long as a glass bottle (barring an accident!).  

The size of each bottle is 500mL, approximately 16.9 oz.  You will need less than 2 cases for your average 5 gallon home brew batch.