Bell's Inspired Brewing® Nalgene Water Bottle - 32 oz

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H2O. It helps fight fatigue, sickness, pain, weight gain and constipation (because face it, things don’t always work themselves out). Water is friggin’ life. That’s why your mom tells you to drink eight glasses per day. Make her (and your colon) proud by staying hydrated courtesy of our Bell’s Inspired Brewing® or Oberon® Ale Nalgene Water Bottle. Both are cheerful, well designed and BPA free. Both are the ideal sidekick for hikes, hijinks and hangovers.

A water bottle meant for adventuring, features a standard drinking port and a straw that can be used for drinking or venting for max flow of the drinking port. An additional lock on the top of the bottle for securing the straw to prevent leaks.

-Holds 32oz of liquid at brim

-BPA Free

-Dishwasher friendly but not recommended