Bell's General Store® 2 Liter Growler

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There are several yarns re: the genesis of the term “growler.” Our favorite is “growlers were named for the buckets of beer once given to factory workers before their stomachs began growling from hunger.” Hungry for more? Stop by the General Store to fill up this Bell’s Inspired Brewing® 2-Liter Growler. Also looks neat on a shelf, but that makes for a less colorful story. Unless the shelf is in your fridge and your fridge contains only our beer. (And maybe one bottle of your preferred bloody mix)

This growler is huge! This piece looks great on a shelf or better yet in the fridge full of Bell's Inspired Brewing®! The growler and handle are very sturdy and heavy duty, ready for years of use.

2 liter dark amber wide mouth glass growler with swing-top lid and glass handle. Growler volume is 2 liters, which is a little more than a half gallon. A large Bell's Inspired Brewing® logo is printed on the front, with a smaller logo on the back and the back also includes volume information and government warnings. The sturdy ceramic swing-top lid with rubber washer seals your beer as tight as possible for stable storage conditions.

Due to state law these growlers are shipped empty, however these are the same growlers we sell from our very own Bell's Eccentric Cafe & General Store in Kalamazoo, MI. Please purchase growlers on-site at the Eccentric Cafe if you would like to have it filled with your favorite Bell's Beer. We are not currently accepting pre-purchased growlers for fills at this time.