Ferrari Deluxe Italian Floor Champagne Corker

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High quality and large, corks any standard wine bottle or champagne.  Adjustable and corks all standard size wine/champagne bottles including 375ml, 750ml and 1.5L bottles. Adjustable depth, precision brass iris compression jaws last and last. Detachable feet and handle extension for easy storage or shipping.

Answers to frequent questions about this corker -

  • The difference between this model and the "wine corker" is the size of the opening underneath the jaws.  The champagne model has a larger opening to allow for the larger mushroom-style corks common in champagne bottles.  The retractable arm is used to reduce the size of the opening in order to use regular corks with wine.
  • There are no instructions for assembly or use included from the manufacturer.  Fortunately assembly is as easy as connecting the legs and handle via screws and wingnuts to the base unit.  No tools required.
  • There are no included "feet" for the legs of the unit, meaning the bare metal could cause damage to floors.  Either use on cement or we have found a good solution for damageable floors is to put some tennis balls or other rubber balls on the legs by cutting a large X in the ball and inserting the leg into the X.