Home Beermaking : The Complete Beginner's Guidebook - Moore

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From the back cover:

Since it was first published in 1980, Home Beermaking has sold over 505,000 copies, Now in a completely rewritten 4th edition for 2012, Home Beermaking makes it easy to brew great beer at home.

Home Beermaking focuses on making great beer from malt extract. Expensive equipment or complicated grain mashing are not needed. After describing the equipment and ingredients needed for your first batch, the basic brewing process is clearly explained. This is followed by the time-tested recipes in chapter seven for everything from Summer Ber, Belgian Wit, and Honey Cream Ale, to stronger styles like Double IPA, English Strong Ale, and Begian Triple. 

This book features step-by-step brewing instructions to make your first batch simple and successful. Brew great beer the first time by following this clear and concise guidebook.


ISBN 0-9605318-1-5