Two Hearted IPA Hook & Loop Game(Drop Ship Only)

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Our Two Hearted Hook & Loop game will bring endless fun for your friends and family. Crack open a fresh Two Hearted and get ready for this easy, yet fun and addictive game. 

This item will ship within 2-3 business weeks after purchase due to drop shipping. Will be back to the normal 5-6 days in a few weeks.

Set Up Instructions: 

1. Screw the Target Hook by hand into the corner hole on the target board. Make sure Target Hook end does not protrude from back of the Target Board. (Must be flush as to not damage your wall) Also, insure Target Hook is in upright position as per the above diagram. 

2. Mount the Target Board on wall approximately 4 to 5 feet high using the adhesive tape and/or screws enclosed.

3. Screw Eye Hook into ceiling in line with, and approximately 4-6 feet away from the wall that the Target Board is attached to.

4. Tie string to the Ring and place Ring onto the Target Hook.

5. With help, hold the Ring in the horizontal position on the Target Hook and tie the open end of string onto the Eye Hook. There must be a slight amount of slack in the string which will allow the Ring to hook onto the Target Hook when properly tossed. Adjust slack in string to achieve the optimum playability of the Hook and Ring game.

Note: This Hook and Ring set can be attached and played on trees, decks, ceilings, etc., depending on the correct location of tree limb and deck ceiling for installation of the Eye Hook. A simple fixture can also be made from 2x4 lumber to accommodate both the Target Board and Eye Hook. 

Pairs well with fresh Two Hearted. For Kalamazoo/local fans, pick up your Two Hearted beer to-go here. Not located in the Kalamazoo area? Find Two Hearted near you using our Beer Finder.