Expedition Stout Clone Kit

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A huge malt body is matched with a heady blend of chocolate, dark fruit and other aromas. The flavors will slowly meld and grow in depth as the beer ages in your cellar.

Find the recipe here!


10 lbs. 2-Row Brewers Malt

4 lbs. Pale Ale Malt

1.25 lb. Black Malt

1.25 lb. Roasted Barley

0.5 lbs. Chocolate Malt

0.25 lbs. Crystal Medium Malt

0.5 lbs. Flaked Barley

3.3 lbs. Amber Liquid Malt Extract*

1 lb. Dark Dry Malt Extract*

4 oz. Centennial Hops (45 min)

1.25 oz. Centennial Hops (30 min)

0.75 oz. Centennial Hops (Flameout)

*Why is there extract in this all-grain kit? The original gravity of this beer is over 1.100. You can try, but you will almost definitely not achieve that gravity using all malt. For a beer this big, you need a little help from a sugar like this.

This kit does NOT include yeast. We recommend:

Imperial A62 Bell’s House Yeast—2 packs



    · 7.5 Gallon Brew Pot 

    · 6.5 Gallon Fermenter w/lid 

    · Mash Tun (10 gallon minimum)

    · Hydrometer

    · Wort Chiller

    · Heat Source 

    · Thermometer

    · No Rinse Sanitizer (Star-San)

    · Long Spoon or Paddle

    · Large Pitcher (1 gallon)

    · Cleanser

    · Airlock

    · Carboy (5 Gallon or larger)