Five Star PBW™ - 1lb

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A safe, environmentally friendly cleaner.  

- Removes stubborn stains

- Hard Water Tolerant

- Wide Temperature Range

- Easy Rinsing

The concentration of PBW depends on the soil load to be cleaned.

To CIP Brew Kettles and Lauter Tuns - Use 1 to 2 oz per gallon of water for single brew cleaning.  For multiple brew cleaning use 1.5 oz per gallon of water.  Run solution for 25 to 35 minutes, at temperatures between 100° and 160°F.  Rinse with potable water immediately after CIP at same temperature as the wash temperature.

For Fermentors, Conditioning & Aging Tanks and Kegs - Use 3/4 oz per gallon of water for 25 to 30 minutes with warm to hot water.  Rinse immediately after with same temperature water.