Bell's Inspired Brewing® 16 oz Snifter Glass

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Remember those scratch and sniff stickers you covered your Trapper Keeper® with back in third grade (or college)? Well, our Bell’s Inspired Brewing® Snifter Glass smells way better, especially when filled with Hopslam®, Expedition Stout® or Sparkling Ale®. This high-quality, 16-ounce Belgian beauty allows you to swirl your favorite higher-gravity beers around to fully enrich the aromatics. You’ll look like a Rhodes Scholar, without suffering through a single minute of organic chemistry.

High quality belgian snifter glass with a printed Bell's Inspired Brewing® logo on the front. Perfect for your higher gravity beers that need a little room to breathe like Hopslam, Expedition Stout, or Sparkling Ale!

16 oz.